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Tigger Blaize — My news

Summer 2015

The first half of the year has gone well. Lots of ski instructor work, and some filming for the Albert Kennedy Trust's short film which was shown at their gala night pledge evening and presented by Sir Ian McKellen. It raised lots of money for this amazing charity.

I also performed in a fun sell out performance of Lyngo Theatre's "Egg and Spoon" at the Salisbury Festival, all a bit last minute, fast and furious!

Over the last couple of months I have been busy getting new headshots, updating my showreel and making a voiceover demo. Check them out!

Last week I was in Guernsey, delivering anti-homophobic bullying workshops in some schools, based on Stonewall and Team Angelica's ground-breaking film, "FIT", which I have a part in. It was so rewarding to spend time with these articulate, switched on young people.

My next exciting challenge begins this week as I have been selected to take part in some free workshops with GAP (Gender And Performance). "Shakespeare and Gender" will be a collaboration between actors and directors, working in small groups on scenes and experimenting with cross-casting using trans, heterosexual, gender-fluid and gay actors. Lisa Wolpe's performance of "Shakespeare and the Alchemy of Gender" will be our starting point, and I'm really looking forward to working with her and her crew. I will be playing Coriolanus in my scene with Mjka Scott as Volumina. So lucky!

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